v. & n.
—v.intr. (lying; past lay; past part. lain)
1 be in or assume a horizontal position on a supporting surface; be at rest on something.
2 (of a thing) rest flat on a surface (snow lay on the ground).
3 (of abstract things) remain undisturbed or undiscussed etc. (let matters lie).
4 a be kept or remain or be in a specified, esp. concealed, state or place (lie hidden; lie in wait; malice lay behind those words; they lay dying; the books lay unread; the money is lying in the bank). b (of abstract things) exist, reside; be in a certain position or relation (foll. by in, with, etc.: the answer lies in education; my sympathies lie with the family).
5 a be situated or stationed (the village lay to the east; the ships are lying off the coast). b (of a road, route, etc.) lead (the road lies over mountains). c be spread out to view (the desert lay before us).
6 (of the dead) be buried in a grave.
7 (foll. by with) archaic have sexual intercourse.
8 Law be admissible or sustainable (the objection will not lie).
9 (of a game-bird) not rise.
1 a the way or direction or position in which a thing lies. b Golf the position of a golf ball when about to be struck.
2 the place of cover of an animal or a bird.
Phrases and idioms:
as far as in me lies to the best of my power. let lie not raise (a controversial matter etc.) for discussion etc. lie about (or around) be left carelessly out of place. lie ahead be going to happen; be in store. lie back recline so as to rest. lie down assume a lying position; have a short rest. lie-down n. a short rest. lie down under accept (an insult etc.) without protest. lie heavy cause discomfort or anxiety. lie in 1 remain in bed in the morning.
2 archaic be brought to bed in childbirth. lie-in n. a prolonged stay in bed in the morning. lie in state (of a deceased great personage) be laid in a public place of honour before burial.
lie low
1 keep quiet or unseen.
2 be discreet about one's intentions. lie off Naut. stand some distance from shore or from another ship. the lie of the land the current state of affairs. lie over be deferred. lie to Naut. come almost to a stop facing the wind. lie up (of a ship) go into dock or be out of commission. lie with (often foll. by to + infin.) be the responsibility of (a person) (it lies with you to answer). take lying down (usu. with neg.) accept (defeat, rebuke, etc.) without resistance or protest etc.
Etymology: OE licgan f. Gmc
n. & v.
1 an intentionally false statement (tell a lie; pack of lies).
2 imposture; false belief (live a lie).
—v.intr. & tr. (lies, lied, lying)
1 intr. a tell a lie or lies (they lied to me). b (of a thing) be deceptive (the camera cannot lie).
2 tr. (usu. refl.; foll. by into, out of) get (oneself) into or out of a situation by lying (lied themselves into trouble; lied my way out of danger).
Phrases and idioms:
give the lie to serve to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). lie-detector an instrument for determining whether a person is telling the truth by testing for physiological changes considered to be symptomatic of lying.
Etymology: OE lyge leogan f. Gmc

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